How it Works

You may be asking yourself; what is BizDeLite and how does it work?


  • Has more than 24,000 Angel and Venture Capital Investors to help you secure the funding for your start-up, small business or invention
  • Is the Smarter, Faster and Easier Way to Business Success
  • Is an online social network where Funding Seekers, Investors, Lenders, Providers of Business Services and Freelancers all come together in one easy to navigate location
  • Is a place where Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Inventors can access the help they need to ensure their business success.

BizDeLite has 10 sequential boxes that create a road-map to…

  • Prevent you from wasting valuable time searching the Internet
  • Save you time and money, whether you are new to the business world, a seasoned entrepreneur, a small business or an inventor
  • Allow you to start at the beginning if you are taking a new product from conception to the market place
  • Allow you to go directly to the box that provides the assistance you need
  • Provide our members with the tools and services that they will need to enjoy business success

We know…

  • What it requires to take an idea from conception to the marketplace
  • How difficult it can be to acquire funding
  • How to help you build a road-map to ensure your business’ success


“To Support Entrepreneurs” by simplifying the process, reducing the time and cost for entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors. We consolidate all the tools and services that you need in one easy to navigate location.

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