Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the BIN (Business Investor Network)?

A. BizDeLite (Business Investor Network) is an online social network where Funding Seekers, Investors, Lending institutions and Service Providers all come together in one place.

Q. What problem are you solving?

A. We know what it requires to take an idea from conception to the marketplace. This is what sets us apart from other funding companies. We simplify the process, reduce the time and cost for entrepreneurs, startup companies and inventors to successfully take their product and/or service from conception to the marketplace. We create a road to success by consolidating all of the tools and services that they will need in one central location.

Q. How does it work?

A. To simple the process and make it more efficient, BizDeLite is made up of 10 Modules, no confusing links or drop down menus to navigate. Funding Seekers, Investors, Lending institutions and Service Providers all come together in one place to sign up and become a member. Each are then listed in an easy to find searchable database located in the appropriate module.

  1. Member’s signup as a Startup or Small Business Seeking Funding,Accredited Investor or Service Provider.
  2. All members are provided with an updatable Dashboard that includes a Message Center, Favorites, Profile, Services and Contact Preferences tabs. The members Profile section generates a Public Profile that can be viewed by other members. It’s like having your own website.
  3. Funding Seekers can create a funding request that is viewable by investors and can also be sent to a number of targeted investors, depending on the membership level. They can also make use of our easy to use CrowdFunding wizard to seek funding.
  4. Choose the appropriate module depending on whether you are seeking funding, seeking a service, providing funding, providing a service, seeking start-up talent, posting a job or looking for a partner.
  5. Depending on the module you will be able to select the criteria to perform a targeted search. You will then have the option of selecting from your search results who you would like to contact. When a member sends a message to another member, the recipient will receive an e-mail message with a link to BizDeLite where they can login to check their messages and respond to the sender.
  6. If you are an inventor you can visit the Inventors Spot Module where you can find advice, show place and license, or sell your invention.
  7. A forum is provided to help open the lines of communication between Funding Seekers, Investors/Lenders and Service Providers. This will also assist members in getting their questions answered and problems resolved.

Q. Why Should I join?

A. If you are a Funding Seeker or Inventor it will save you valuable time and money, and with a better end result. If you are an Investor or Lending Institution it will provide a greater number of viable opportunities to invest or provide financial services. Service Providers will have a greater number of viable opportunities to submit a quote for their services.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost for Funding Seekers is $29, $49 and $79 respectfully for a Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. The cost for Investors/Lenders is FREE. The cost for Service Providers and Freelancers is $147, $234 and $288 respectfully for a Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. The cost for Talent Seekers to Find & Hire Talented Freelancers & Providers of Business Services is FREE.

Q. How do I join?

A. It’s easy, just click on Join Now. You will then be taken to the “Join Now” page where you can choose 1 of 3 membership types.

  1. Angel Investors, Venture Capital Investors or Lending Institutions
  2. Business Service Providers
  3. Funding Seekers

Q. Can anyone join?

A. Anyone can join that is providing or seeking the types of services provided on BizDeLite.

Q. Will you give away my personal information?

A. We know that privacy is very important on the Internet, so we GUARANTEE that your identity and any information that you provide about yourself or company will be kept strictly confidential. Your information will never be rented, traded or sold. Period!

Q. What if I forgot my password?

A. When you sign in click on the Forgot your password? link. A box will appear that will say “Reset Your Password If you forgot your password, enter your email address and we will send instructions telling you how to reset it. Click on the Reset My Password box.

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